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Action Alert: Please sign and share this petition in support of LVFRG letter to County

Please add your voice to the feedback that the Lucas Valley for Responsible Growth leadership team has sent to our Supervisor, Mary Sackett, and other County officials in advance of the Planning Commission meeting tomorrow, 1/5/23. Click here to add your name as a supporter of the contents of the letter. Please also share the link to the petition with other community members. The petition reads: I live in Lucas Valley and voice my support for the mission and position of Lucas Valley for Responsible Growth. Specifically, I support the spirit of the Housing Element allocation in Lucas Valley and believe that our infrastructure can safely integrate - at a maximum, collectively, and site-specifically - the allocated 80 units at the Jeannette Prandi site, 58 units at the 7 Mt. Lassen Office Park and 26 units at 1501 Lucas Valley Road. This growth represents a more than 25% increase in housing units for the LVHA and Rotary Valley communities. I am also very committed to the preservation of Lucas Valley Park. It is a unique and valued resource to both current and future residents and was decreed as such by the Board of Supervisors in 1994 per Ordinance 3193. The park is accessible to all, provides an important social link across our communities, and supports a rich diversity of wildlife. I add my name to the LVFRG comment submitted on 12/30/22.

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